IPower GLBBAG1X8 Herbal Bubble Hash Ice Essence Extractor, Free Pressing Screen & Carrying, 1 Gallon, 8bags, 8-Bag Kit

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This bag enables you to extract valuable plant resins and separate herbal extract into different grades. Removing dust, leaf and other contamination and holds all the finest and smallest high quality herbal crystals/pore size, making sure no crystals escape 1 Gallon 8 Bags: Bags are labeled and color-coded to correspond micron rating Purple - 25 Microns White - 45 Microns Yellow - 73 Microns Black - 90 Microns Orange - 120 Microns Red - 160 Microns Green - 190 Microns Blue - 220 Microns Comes with 25 micron pressing screen and storage bag